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TH-601 Water Cooler-luxurious , Scientific and technological

    It is the best partner of the air conditioner. Operated with air-conditioner, it can increase the humidity to cancel the influence of the dry conditioned air, and it also can save energy, that's to say, the temperature can be set about 3 to 5 degree higher.

    Using 100mm cooling pad, it can remove the dust better to clean the air, and it is also good for health for that it can increase the negative ion.

   It can avoid “ cold air blowing” and “air conditioner illness”, so it is the best cooling products for office staff and it is the best gift for parents during the hot summer.

   Only 1/8 cost as that of the air conditioner

TH-601 Functions:      
ventilating cooling Intelligent control system Air speed choosing
Long timer Remote control Water level display Non-direction turning
Environmental Protection
Water Cooler
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